Increase the sales of your business with video marketing

Add videos to your marketing strategy and boost your growth.

Tell a story that attracts your target audience

A video can grab the attention of the most demanding audience and motivate them to get to know your brand.


Engage your audience with a format that will never go unnoticed.


Incite a meaningful response from the community.


Make your audience empathize with your valuable content.

Help your brand get more reach

Take advantage of the current trends: web users prefer to get to know a brand throguh a video that reflects a straightforward and powerful message.

Conquer your audience

Tell a story with an impact on your audience. A video is perceived as a memorable experience and leaves a meaningul impression in the prospects.

Connect and sale

Advertise your brand with videos to get more credibility and build a trust relationship with your clients. This way, it’s more likely for users to choose your brand and become clients.

Delight your audience with a professional video marketing strategy

Video strategy

Identify needs, define goals and set a budget.

Target Audience

Define your audience and target it.

Engaging Content

Make the audience feel identified the pictured story.

Appropriate Channels

Publish videos on the right channels and optimize the content of each one.

Conversion Rates

Boost your conversion rates and sales with a professional video.

Social Shares

Make a valuable video, get shared on social media and increase brand awareness.

Succeed with a full-fledged video marketing strategy


  • Concept, style & tone
  • Screenwriting
  • Optimized for Search Engines


  • 4k resolution
  • Set Design
  • Talent & Models
  • Stuff
  • Post-production


  • Multiple formats for social media
  • Suitable for Digital Ads

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"They are definitely experts in what they do and we are so thankful to have found such agency. They have an efficient, personable, responsible and extremely knowledgeable team that truly demonstrates results for their clients."
"We have been hiring Cortier’s services for more than 10 years to help us develop and manage one of the most important software platforms of our operation, which has been a fundamental part of our growth in the region."
"They have developed for us a dynamic, functional & user friendly eCommerce site that recreates the brick-and-mortar experience, allowing our clients to choose and buy their favorite chocolates online as if they were at our physical shop."

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